Course Offerings

  • Master of Arts in Education Major in:
    • Childhood Education
    • Educational Management
    • Elementary Education
    • Teaching English Communication Arts
    • Teaching Physical Education
  • Master of Arts in Human Resource Development
  • Master of Arts in Home Economics
  • Master in Library and Information Science
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Hospitality Management

In general, the school aims to develop graduates who…

  1. develop desirable shifts in attitudes, beliefs and habits as a result of participating in graduate researches and other  instructional processes;
  2. manifest active leadership and involvement in their respective fields of specialization;
  3. demonstrate a higher level of competence in their chosen career;
  4. develop a continuing desire for life long learning;
  5. manifest Christian values in his / her personal and professional life;
  6. become more reflective in their professional practice.