On July 6, 2019 at the Lourdes College Auditorium, the NSTP students participated the effective leadership forum. The event focused on equipping the participants with leadership skills needed in today’s world.

Joed Brymon P. Llauderes, RN giving input during the Effective Leadership Forum. Photo: Blue Sash Team

Joed Brymon P. Llauderes, RN, the resource speaker and a youth leader and formator, emphasized the 6 millennials leadership style which are- Inspiration, Strategic Training, Interpersonal Skills, Vision, Pasion and Enthusiasm and Decisiveness.

“Influence others to work together to accomplish a specific goal. They have initiative, ability, and confidence to innovate change, motivate, facilitate and mentor others” he exclaimed.

The participants joined the theatrical workshop conducted by the speaker of the story “The legend of the great shaola” which taught the students that when circumstances will come, one must help each other.

The significance of this seminar was to enlighten the students that there is nothing to fear when leading. It tickled their minds and capacity to be preeminent leaders of the future.“The forum brought a great impact to us Lourdesians. I realized that, effective leaders must divide tasks appropriately to achieve a common goal.” Ms. Andrea Torivillas, a BS Nursing first year, shared after the forum. ( Shaddrach John Lloyd Daba – Blue Sash Correspondent)

NSTP Students Participate in Effective Leadership Forum