The students, administration, faculty, and staff of Lourdes College celebrated the Holy Spirit Mass at the LC Auditorium to mark the opening of the academic year on Monday, June 17, 2019.

With the growing population, three (3) masses were celebrated: Grade 12 – 8:00 AM; Grade 11 – 10:30AM; and 2:00 PM for College students. These masses were celebrated by Rev. Fr. Gil Escalante, SJJV, Rev. Fr. Der John Faborada, SSJV and Rev. Fr. Harren Salon, SSJV, respectively.

 “The Holy Spirit Mass will mark the beginning of the school’s academic year. This Mass will open our academic year in a special way with renewed energy, excitement, and optimism,” said Mr. Clent Daryl Balaba, the new Campus Ministry Coordinator.

Balaba further stated that “this Eucharistic celebration has been a tradition among Catholic institutions in which the community gathers to thank God for the gifts of creation and salvation and to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the coming year. In 1854, the tradition of holding the Mass of the Holy Spirit started among academic institutions and the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) in the late 1960’s spurred the official name change to “Mass of the Holy Spirit”.

Fr. Salon, explained that the purpose of the Mass “is to ask the Holy Spirit to be with all of us in the school community: all those who seek to learn, all those who aspire to teach, all those who tirelessly work to be able to see God’s presence within and among us”.

In the Christian tradition, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are attributes from the Book of Isaiah and understood as “gifts”. These seven gifts are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

 “When we thought we knew and served well our Most High God and finding out He says he doesn’t know us, we don’t have anything to fear. We must learn to find and build upon our personal relationship with Spirit and Truth.” Myra Dee Tayanes, a BSTM freshman exclaimed.

The Holy Spirit Mass is a tradition for Lourdes College and in many Catholic schools around the world. (Mr. Clent Balaba – Faculty Contributor & Khael Montaño – Blue Sash Correspondent)

LC Community celebrates Holy Spirit Mass