Last November 24, 2019, a leadership training seminar was held at the Audio Visual Room 1 of Lourdes College Integrated Basic Education Department. This was spearheaded by the Lourdes College Student Government.

The first speaker, Marilou Y. Descallar, RGC, the Guidance Coordinator of the institution who lectured on ‘Ignacian Marian Leadership in the Context of Today’s Youth’ where she emphasized trust, cooperation, respect, responsibility, hope, honesty, determination, and loyalty as the main foundation of leadership.

In addition, she also shared that leadership is not about position but practice, it is not conferred but earned.

Dr. Miguela B. Napiere, the Research, Planning, and Development Coordinator, was the second speaker. Her talk focused on ‘A Call to Servant Leadership ‘. “People are called servant leaders because their calling was for the right reasons”. she explains. In addition, a calling do not depend on one’s status, but it depends on how people deal with it, and how one answers the call.

The third speaker, Joed Brymon Llauderes, RN focused on ‘The Essence and Lens of Leadership’. This emphasized a calling of leadership to action. Transformational leaders lead by example and not just by words. They lead from the front and encourage, inspire, motivate followers towards their vision. This was then followed by an open forum which opened questions regarding leadership.

The Ignacian Marian Leadership Training Seminar is an event that hones one’s leadership skills of the youth of today. The youth are the future leaders of our world and with that, the youth should be equipped for the future to come.

(Vinz Terrell Villena and Angela Marie Balhon – Blue Sash Correspondent)

Lourdesian: Leading by God’s Design