Ms. Danica Robillos, Ms. Rustine Buctuan, Mr. Marvin Arrabaca and Ms. Vina Burgos, the Senior High Entrepreneurship subject instructors, facilitated the Business Days for the Senior High students of the strands Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Accountancy and Business Management (ABM), and Humanities in Social Sciences (HUMSS) last February 20, 21, and 26, 2019. The business days aimed to carry out the objectives of the entrepreneurship subject through the actual execution of the students by selling their own products and experience the reality of being an entrepreneur.

The Business Days was an opportunity for the students to actualize the work of having a business, undergo the required policies and regulations of the people involved in business and to have experience of having a business of their own. In this way, the Entrepreneurship subject came to life with the help the cooperation of the students who financed and produced the products of their own.

During the Business Days, there were a couple of insights obtained by the students. According to Ms. Julianne Mae Cejas, a HUMMS student “The selling of the product required effort so it was indeed challenging”. She emphasized the fact that there were lots of experiences that a students would attain throughout the selling days. Ms. Cejas also added. “The preparation required sellers to be alert in order serve enthusiastically and to always keep their stations sanitary”. This etiquette, therefore, was great contributor to a successful business, and the students were able to learn from it.

The experience of catering customers from morning until afternoon made such a great impact on the students; some even sold their products in just a snap. All students who were involved in the selling of their products have fruitfully finished their selling. In fact, they were able to earn back the amount of money they used for financing their self-made products, from budget meals to appetizers, there were several choices.

The Business Days became successful, with the help of the hard work and sacrifices of the students and teachers, earning them both the benefit and experience and values of having a business. The Entrepreneurship instructors, with the LC Community, became more proud of another flourished event that helped mold the Marian students.

(Sol Sigrid Sumalhay – Blue Sash Correspondent)

Lourdes College Senior High School Business Days