A five-day celebration was held in Lourdes College Cagayan de Oro City in sponsoring career opportunities, commemorating guidance center services, and advocating mental health awareness. The whole celebration was facilitated by the Peer Facilitators and Psych Circle Club headed by the club president Ms. Nina Alyanna P. Ycong and the whole Guidance Center Family. The whole team prepared several activities for everyone to partake.

Day 1 (February 26). The opening program was signified by a ribbon cutting headed by our very own Vice President for Finance S. Ma. Elsa Rioveros, RVM, assisted by Dr. Revina Mendoza, our Dean of Student Affairs, Ms. Myrna Fantonalgo, our External Affairs Coordinator, and Ms. Marilou Descallar our Guidance Coordinator who also officially welcomed and encouraged everyone to enjoy the week-long celebration.

The whole opening ceremony was joyously participated by the supportive faculty members, the selected students from Senior High School and College department. Everyone instilled in them the importance of Mental Health as the PFPCC moderator Ms. Kimberly Sanchez officially announced mental health-related activities.

One of the highlights on the first day’s celebration is the showcasing of skills in art making through poster making contest related to the importance of mental health in the society, this was held at the Guidance Center Testing Room and participated by the students from different programs. Lacielle Simbajon from Senior High School was awarded as 1st placer while Jed Bualat from Arts and Sciences Program as the 2nd placer. These two exerted so much effort and skills in showcasing their love for art expressing their view about mental health.

Advocating Positive Psychology was also one of the objectives for the celebration, an exhibit was prepared for all to experience PERMA (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement). The participants were given the free will to express and influence positivity through writing on the positive wall, Just Dance challenge was also experienced by the participants to have enjoyable engagement, they were also facilitated to play human knot to build their sense of relationship, the participants were also in hype in posing in the photo booth holding with them placards to express their individualities, purpose, and meaning in their lives. To feel a sense of achievement participants were provided board games to engage in friendly games.

Day 2 (February 27). The special appearance of Mr. Joselito S. Flores a Personality and Development trainer, as the guest speaker imparted knowledge in personality development to be applied by the graduating students as they step out to the massive world of employment.

In the afternoon, there were two significant events, first was the career forum, also participated by the graduating students as they gain knowledge in what to do for their career journey especially in applying for a job. Second is the showcasing of beauties, talents, and brains in the pageant show Ambassador and Ambassadress for Mental Health2019, the pageant was a way of showcasing potentials of the contestants from different courses and strands and a form of expressing their views and advocacies regarding Mental Health.

Indeed, the contestants were raising concerns about it and it was something to be proud because it goes to show that there is a, unity in Lourdes College in raising awareness for Mental Health. Ronelle Lou Chavez, a Psychology student was awarded as the Ambassadress and Nicka Jones Gatela also a Psychology student was awarded as the ambassador.

Day 3 (February 28). The Audio Visual Room was filled with students as they were entertained and able to relax from their lectures while watching different movies related to Mental Health namely “I am Sam” and “The Shack”. The Film Showing in through the whole day and particularly participated by the Grade 11 students but everyone was welcome to come and watch.

Day 4 (March 5). This special day was intended for the graduating students as they had their Mock-Job interview in preparation for applying for a job. Interviewers from the campus, as well as recruiters from outside companies, were invited to cater the graduating students. Some students were nervous before and during the interview and some were excited. In totality, the mock-job interview was a great help to practice the dos and dont’s in having their interview in the future.

Day 5 (March 13). As the Career and Guidance culminate the week-long celebration, the Guidance Center together with PESO, DOLE, and POEA sponsored the Job Fair 2019. The job fair was held whole day inside the campus of Lourdes College welcoming approximately 45 establishments and had catered approximately 284 applicants.

Job Fair 2019 is an annual event to tailor companies who are in need of potential employees and job seekers who are looking for opportunities in their career.

To sum the whole celebration was indeed something to remember as Ms. Kimberly Sanchez, the Moderator of Peer Facilitators and Psych Circle, expressed her deepest gratitude to the people behind its success. The activities were definitely bridges towards unity, perseverance, camaraderie, and growth. And all of the activities were true manifestations of living faith, excellence, and service.

(Carmen Demi Enerio – Blue Sash Correspondent)

Career and Guidance Days 2019: A success