To continue upholding the values of Faith Excellence, and Service among students, Lourdesians chose their student leaders during the recently concluded LCSG Election.

Student Government is the representative body of students which promotes the ideals and standards of the school and helps the administration in the implementation of school rules and regulations.

A Blue Sash representative gave a written interview to the newly elected SG President, Ms. Catherine Ingotan.

Blue Sash: What measures have you taken that made you run as the SG President?

Ms. Ingotan: Being a part or even a candidate running for LCSG never crossed my mind. There were a lot of things I considered before running as a candidate, and my focus on my course which is Nursing because this is the most crucial point. I had been warned that things will start to get tough and busy for us as we move to the second year so why did I take the offer and run as an SG President? The smiles of the students that meant they believe in me. The good responses and encouragement I got not only from my classmates, but also from some of the faculty. I never expected to have that kind of insight about me.

These faith and encouragement made me decide that I will as the SG President because these people believe in me. That I will run because I want to see their smiles this school year, do my best and never let them down. They instill strength and confidence in me that I can hold and manage the student body and they promised to give me their best support in all the things I’ll do for the sake of the school.

Blue Sash: How do you envision your governance for this school year?

Ms. Ingotan: I am not a person that will force anything that is against one’s own will. As the school year’s new SG President, I will start with myself. People will see me now as a role model, so l should act like the ideal Marian student. I want everybody to see me as a consistent active leader, as an understanding follower, and an approachable, humble and smiling student that they can call without any hesitation.

To encourage them to obey school rules and regulations, I will start encouraging the SG officers, then my classmates. Right approach educate them with an open mind and an understanding heart, but with firm and consistent implementation. I know it will never be easy and that I cannot please everybody, but I will be a great influencer and stretch myself out for the students. Not all leaders are born intelligent and not all intelligent people are born to be a leader. But we can make them a true leader if we make them see that they can be a leader themselves if they know the deeper meaning of what it takes to be a leader.

Blue Sash: Being the LCSG President, in what way can you best manifest your leadership skills?.

Ms. Ingotan: People know me to be the “grace under pressure” The calm person amidst chaotic situations. I handle things like that because I believe that I can be more productive if I assess the situation first and think clearly before deciding to put an act on it. I am also good in multitasking and I finish things as early as possible. I am a person who accepts failure but never gives up. I open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to deeply understand that things happen for a reason and check where I went wrong. People know that I am a kind of person who sets my priorities and organizes things to manage my time. I am open to suggestions, comments and compliments.

Blue Sash: What are the top three things you are going to do as the new SG President?

Ms. Ingotan: The very first thing that I am going to do as an SG President, is to know fully my rights and responsibilities. To be able to be the leader everybody expects me to be. I should know myself first. My position and my limitations, so that I can prevent ignorance to prevent from repeating failures and disappointments. Second is to know” my SG officers. To know their personality and ideas is to know how I can stretch myself for them in order to make us MOVE as ONE team. Third is to plan all the activities expected to for the upcoming school year. To be able to plan ahead of time is to be able to assess the possible consequences, have a plan B and be open for suggestions.

The Blue Sash wishes the best of luck to the new LCSG President with the hope for a productive and meaningful year ahead.

(Mikhael Paolo Montaño – Blue Sash Correspondent)

An Interview with the New LCSG President