“He who sings prays twice” – St. Augustine of Hippo

It is a common thing for the young generation of today to sing all their hearts out for God. However, there is a declining sense of knowingness from those who seemingly sing songs of praises but was only cajoled by the rhythm and not really experiencing the God who gives them such gift of singing wholeheartedly. This could be a problem but not for the modem Catholic Youth!

Lourdes College has been a special place for young people to returning to the root of being a human, that people are “created in the image and likeness of God” (Genesis 1:27). Recently, a praise jam activity on February 8, 2019 was catered so students can feel more God in their lives especially in this moment of troubles, conflicts, difficulties and evils that eat some of our uniqueness as persons. The praise jam was an eye opener for the world to know that God is alive and that God lives in us. It is not a matter of what faith belief you have or the kind of practice a faith-belief has but rather that enthusiasm from the young of today’s generation to showcase their giftedness through singing songs of worship and prayer.

When the living Word of God and a profoundly soothing and moving melody meet, a strong power is set free which can surely change hearts in an incredible way. In this world full of chaos and misery, such strong power is a weapon to fight against Satan from ruining our lives. Such power becomes a strong mighty sword. But what are the lyrics of praise and worship music filled with? Well, it is filled with Scripture! The Word of God is a strong fortress for people who have lost hope and meaning in their lives. The intense singing and praising of students filled the entire auditorium with the Holy Spirit enflaming their hearts with gratitude, praise, repentance and reconciliation. It was a moment where unity is evident to the extent of no longer being conscious whether his/her seatmate is looking at them as if telling them to have a little of that shame. everyone was awed and amazed by how God can work in their lives forgetting about their problems may it be small or huge and only looking at themselves as worthy recipients of the Kingdom of God and acknowledging their sinfulness before God.

When one prays with praise and worship music, one drowns out the voice of the enemy haunting them to deny God. But such voice was defeated. Everyone affirmed God’s mighty deeds, power and benevolence to His people. The God of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Elijah is the same God that we have now. Not only are people speaking out Scripture and planting truth in our hearts, but we SING it over our lives! No wonder the Psalmist has this to say, “All the earth falls in worship before you; they sing of your, your name” – Selah (Psalm 66:4)

(Mr. Clent Daryl C. Balaba – Faculty Contributor)

A heart That Sings is a Heart of Worship