Last March 2, 2019, at an earliest hour of the day, College students through the National Service Training Program (NSTP) take part in the City Wide Clean-Up Drive. The students brought with them cleaning materials such as broomsticks with sack bags, sanitary gloves, and the like.

Led by the NSTP Coordinator, Mrs. Mary Ann Escobal, RN, the students cooperated in cleaning up areas they were assigned to.

 Waste products were observable throughout the streets, due to the lack of garbage bins around the area. The students managed and maximized their time by working together thoroughly to get rid of the wastes present.

The purpose of the City Wide Clean-Up Drive is to allow students to take part in the city’s advocacy in maintaining a sanitary environment. The value of cleanliness is a calling of responsibility to the local community and to the country. Proper waste management can be practiced at any rate and at any level. Students believe that if everyone falters from this responsibility, the formation of being a servant leader may never process.

(Vinz Villena – Blue Sash Correspondent)

College Students take part in City Wide Clean-up Drive