As a new academic year begins, Lourdes College has again produced its new set of leaders who will assist the students’ in their journey for the School Year 2018-2019.

Last February 27, 2019, the Miting de Avarice took place in the intuition’s auditorium. The college students were gathered to witness the future student government officers who’ll serve the school with a Marian heart. Each presented their platforms and their will to be of service as Ignacian Marian leaders. Two running parties affirmed each of their side, they each raised their corresponding party list which was ONE and MOVE respectively.

The awaited election took place last March 5, 2019 at the Computer Laboratory. The corresponding election was done through an automated process, the IT students and the administrator did their part which resulted to a successful occurrence.

Correspondingly, the anticipated announcement was by Dr. Judith Chavez, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Here are the new set of officers:

President: Ingoten, Catherine

Vice-President: Casiño, Nico Joey

Executive Secretary: Caballero, Leizel

Secretary of Social Affairs: Behiga, Martin

Secretary of Information: Arbuis, Ariel

Secretary of Audit: Mayuga, Arnold

Secretary of Sanitation and Discipline: Mabaylan, Meriam

Secretary of Finance: Moranta, Genia

BUSAC-IT Commissioner: Odchigue, Ryan

Hospitality Management Commissioner: Pajo, Jay-Ar

Art-Scie Commissioner: Estares, Paula

Allied Health Commissioner: Betanio, Alexandra

Teacher Education Commissioner: Tingabngab, Kim

Social Work Commissioner: Temario, Cleint Joy

(Angela Marie Balhon – Blue Sash Correspondent)

Student Body elects new SG Officers for AY 2019-2020