As a way of honoring the Graduating Senior High School Students, a tribute and tum-over ceremony happened last March 13-15, 2019 for ABM, HUMSS & TVL, and STEM respectively at the Quadrangle and LC Auditorium. The said tribute and turn-over ceremony was an event to give significance to the 2″‘1 batch of Graduating SHS students of Lourdes College.

There were representatives from both the Grades 11 and 12 to cane out the Book of Knowledge, the Key of Responsibility, the Crucifix and the Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These three important elements were passed on to Grade 11 from the Grade 12 student representatives. The turn-over ceremony paved the way for the students to continue the legacy of being a Lourdesian, to inculcate in their minds the responsibility that comes with being Marian, and the nurturing of Faith, Service, and Excellence.

 The program included a Tribute song coming from the Grade II students. The Grade 12 students also expressed their heartfelt gratitude through another song. After the program. The students went to the quadrangle for the candle lighting event and the giving of roses. The moment pushed through with the graduating students going down the stairs of the school to exchange their lit candles with a rose from each Grade II student, making the event prosperous with the shared bond of the students.

The event successfully made each student smile. Their desires have been fulfilled through the commemoration and Lourdes College wishes them the best of luck in all their endeavors in the future.

(Sol Sigrid Sumalhay – Blue Sash Correspondent)

Senior High gives Tribute to Graduating Students