The Nursing Program, headed by Dean Norma E. Simborio, RN, DM, conducted the 12th Pinning Ceremony of the Nursing Students last March 23, 2019, at the Lourdes College Chapel.

The program started with the Eucharistic Celebration, presided by Froilan Briones of the Societas Sanctissimi Sacramenti, followed by the processional march of the students and the introductory speech of the Program Dean, Norma Simborio. The nursing students who were pinned for 2018-2019 are the following: Adizon, Christian H., Diago, Donna G., Flander, Kiezel Mae A., Gaid, Rubylou Jane U., Mandawe, Rachelle C., Naautan, Bea B., Paasa Bob M., Rojas, Vanessa Yhui A., and Tatoy, Wilhelmina Joan A.

The pinning ceremony is a symbolic welcoming of newly graduated nurses into the nursing profession. The nurses are presented with nursing pins by the faculty of the Nursing Program.

Congratulations to the New Lourdesians Nurses!

Nursing Program Conducts 12th Pinning Ceremony of the Nursing Students