The Lourdes College NSTP classes hold the HIV/AIDS Awareness Forum on the afternoon of the 23rd of January 20 l9, at the Auditorium.

Mr. Marvin Ted G. Membreve, City Health Office HIV/AIDS Advocate, shared his thoughts on the possible effects if inflicted with HIV/AIDS. He also clarified that HIV/AIDS is not the cause of some of the deaths to those who has this infliction case, and that symptoms or lack of prevention are the causes of their death. Mr. Raflly Ardemil, an Advocate and a person living with HIV and survivor, shared his testimonies regarding to his struggles when he was confirmed active and positive of this infliction. It was a rough road for him, but his struggles made him and his life light a path, closer to God.

Students reflected from the form and made realizations that not everything they want can lead to good deeds. Sometimes, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

(Vinz Villena – Blue Sash Correspondent)

NSTP Classes hold HIV/AIDS Awareness Forum