Last February 16, 2019, a coastal clean-up drive at the Marine Sanctuary of Barangay was conducted by the NSTP students, together with the Red Cross Youth. The purpose of this coastal clean-up is to empower the students to be responsible steward of God’s creation.

Mrs. Mary Ann Escobal, RN, the NSTP Coordinator, led the students with the hope to attain their full potential thereby becoming responsible individuals. The students cleaned the shorelines and picked up litters of plastic waste. Solid wastes were also segregated from that of non-biodegradable and recyclable wastes.

The purpose of the coastal clean-up drive is to not only to eradicate wastes that are scattered almost everywhere on the shoreline, but the activity, in general, is to provide essential knowledge to students that coastal stewardship must always be observed.

The marine life is important, and so to maintain the ‘life’ in it, should be a responsible stewards of God’s creation one.

(Vinz Terrell Villena – Blue Sash Correspondent)

Lourdesians initiates Coastal Clean-up in Barangay Bayabas