“A student is not above his teacher but everyone who is fully trained, will be like their teacher”. -Luke 6:40

 This bible verse was emphasized by one of the speakers of the Catholic Personnel’s Day Program held at the Lourdes College Auditorium. It was one of the highlights for this year which was prepared by student leaders together with the School President, Sister Rufina B. Guillano, RVM. Moreover, there were performances by the students of different strands which the personnel and the students enjoyed.

The special day started as the teachers were given lei when they entered the school and was welcomed by the flash mob dance prepared by the students. It was then followed by a Eucharistic celebration. The homily focuses on St. Paul being an apostle to the Gentiles which was related to the role of the teaching and non-teaching stay of the school.

There were selected students loom the ABM, STEM, TVL and the college department who rendered songs dedicated to all the personnel and to honor their hard work. In addition, the HUMSS presented an inspiring and heart- touching poem entitled “Salamat” and a band named, White Butterfly, played a song entitled “How Deep is your Love” by Bee Gees. It was a very wonderful piece especially that it reflects the value of teachers.

The teachers and non-teaching staff were given flowers and tokens to acknowledge their contribution and hard work for the betterment of the school and its students. The maintenance staff, security guards, and other school personnel were also thanked because of the loyalty and dedication they have shown to the institution.

Joaqui Huesca, a Grade 12 TVL student said “It was a memorable event. I know that the teachers appreciated the surprises we did for them. Also, I hope that they will keep on touching students’ hearts.”

(Liliana Lafuente and Patricia Estrañero – Blue Sash Correspondent)

Lourdesians celebrate Catholic Personnel’s Day