The Voter’s Education for a Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful &’ Peaceful (CHAMP) elections was held last March 4, 2019 at the Lourdes College Audio-Visual.

The purpose of this forum is to let the students know the importance of their right of suffrage and to promote a clean and honest election.

 The forum was made to give the students the necessary information when electing for officers. The forum was spearheaded by Dr. Revina O. Mendoza, the Dean of Student Affairs with Mr. Bernabe Eli as the speaker.

“Elections is the most important time for both citizens in a country and the politicians. Free and fair elections guarantee the trust of the citizens in the elected government.” the speaker exclaimed during his talk.

Clean and honest elections sustain our democracy. However it is also important to know how people value this democracy.

(Mikhael Paolo Montaño – Blue Sash Correspondent)          

Lourdesians attend Voter’s Education Forum